Search resumes off Jamaica for prominent New York couple whose out-of-control plane vanished

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: A small plane that took off from Rochester, N.Y. bound for Florida crashed off Jamaica, after the pilot didn’t respond to contact. 

KINGSTON, Jamaica – A search-and-rescue operation resumed at first light Saturday off Jamaica’s northeast coast as crews hope to solve the mystery of a private plane carrying a prominent upstate New York couple who were taken on a ghostly 1,700-mile journey after the pilot was apparently incapacitated at the controls.

The wreckage of the high-performance plane carrying Rochester real estate developer Laurence Glazer and his entrepreneur wife, Jane – both experienced and enthusiastic pilots – had not been found early Saturday, a day after U.S. fighter pilots launched to shadow the unresponsive aircraft observed the pilot slumped over and its windows frosting over. The plane apparently slammed into the Atlantic at least 14 miles (22 kilometres) off the northeast coastal town of Port Antonio.

Jamaica Coast…

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