Sloths hold the secret to disease-free living.

Sloth Studies can Reveal New Approaches to Curing Cancer

Sloths are an environmentally self-contained eco-system and they live disease-free lives. The Sloth Sanctuary in Costa Rica cares for and nurtures 100’s of these endangered animals each year.  Randy – a wild sloth that broke his arm after fighting with another male and falling 60ft from his tree. He had titanium plates screwed into his arm to hold the bones together, and was later released into the wild. Unfortunately, 8 months later the same incident happened again, only this time his arm was infected and would not heal. We eventually took the difficult decision to amputate his arm in order to save his life. He now lives happily here with us at the sanctuary, albeit with just one arm!Sloth28SLOT-master675 (1)

Amazingly, before Randy’s first broken arm, he had already formed a special relationship with sanctuary founder Judy Arroyo. He was again fighting with another wild sloth in the sanctuary grounds and again, he fell from his tree. This time, Judy saw it happen and saw that he was about to fall onto concrete – this would have been certain death. She rushed forwards to catch him and the impact broke both of the bones in her arm (also requiring titanium plates) – Randy was perfectly fine after she had broken his fall, and he happily climbed back up the tree.  default…. View related story:ISOLATED PERUVIAN TRIBE RISKS HUMAN CONTACT, AND DISEASE.default (1)


ALTO MADRE DE DIOS RIVER Peru (Reuters) – Six Mashco Piro tribeswomen crouched low as they escaped back into the jungle after raiding a remote lodge in Peru’s Manu National Park in the western Amazon, clutching newly prized tools: metallic cooking pots.

NBC 101 celebrating 9 years of community service

Sloths are an environmentally self-contained eco-system. (View this phenomenon)Sloth28SLOT-master675 (1)

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