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Constantly, I look for you               
among the thousand breezes
that pass by my face
interlaced in shadows and sunlight
the forest could be your hiding place
that hidden cove on some exotic island
deep blue waters where dolphins dance
an oasis near a Sultan’s paradise
no, it must be with the stars at night
the falling ones that catch my sight…   
(Copyright 01-31-13) 

Courtesy of: http://burymyheartwoundedknee.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/no-matter-where-you-are/  



So I’m suppose to be getting in the bath but I just hung up the phone with Wayne I’m actually angry at him
I have these feelings and they aren’t good/ I’m not sure how any of this happen/ he’s like I can’t ask him what to call my art show why not/ why can’t I ask him isn’t he a friend?/ but what is it?/ is he scared I might get big off of it and not credit him? Who knows I have no idea but that’s it no more questioning people things that have to do with my craft yeah I know//

I hate fake deep people/ or should I say the pretender? The ones who act like they’re into art or the wanna be book worms. All the fake hipster shit has got to stop. The norm is still in you know just be you.

You’re wondering…

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