Photos On My Wall

Author -Carole Parkes

Photos on my wall. Photos on my wall.

Photos On My Wall

Many photos on my wall

Those happy, smiling faces,

Children young and Oh! So small

Memories, no time erases


Babes in arms, cuddled and kissed,

First ice cream, and days at school,

Loved ones departed, so missed,

Yet others sit around a pool.


Looking at those pictures now,

Brings back those days of leisure,

Wedding gowns, “I do” endow,

You, with all my worldly treasure


An empty space, what was there?

See, it’s dropped behind the frame.

Gaze upon a face so dear,

That man so loved, I took his name.


Many photos on my wall,

Reminders of all that’s passed,

Even if I lose recall

They’ll prompt, help memory last.


Carole Parkes – Copyright September 2014

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