Raging fury

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Raging fury Mother Nature at Sea rapture, spinning water spouts; tornado funnels of fury.
Whisping assaults, indicative due destruction, Imperial Descendants; creatures of depths in ancient pasts, desending to uncharted depths, ptyhoms safe habitats..

Ancient Mariner master navigator, of Seven Sea’s Steers a course to come about shouting, “Right Full Rudder Shipmate” a course for safe passage, he peers through biggest of eye’s..
Pilot house’s visibility less 400 yards “two prolonged blast First mate” Says the ancient Mariner due ship makes way.. The Mariner make way throuh the pilot house to Quatermasters dudty underway chart…Dam jet stream yells the Mariner “barometric pressures dropping Fist Mate unforcasted Storm”.. All Hands Whether Decks are Secure untill futher Notice, these trade routes this time of year known for White Water Squals ensure strapped for sea”..

Earth’s continental plates contour depths of 1800 phatoms, a Submarine’s loud whaling siren blares,
Loudspeakers Dive, Dive, Dive…

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