Ocean’s Blood music video

BELLA GAIA – Beautiful Earth, releases a music video from its award winning album and track titled “Ocean’s Blood”.

BELLA GAIA is an unprecedented audiovisual experience that combines NASA satellite imagery of Earth, time lapse nature photography, and cultural heritage footage with stirring live performances of music and dance from around the world.

Inspired by astronauts who spoke of the life changing power of seeing the Earth from space, director-composer Kenji Williams’ award winning BELLA GAIA successfully simulates the Overview Effect from space flight, by using NASA supercomputer data-visualizations with an “iridescent landscape of gossamer melodies and labyrinthine rhythms” (Nooga.com) to explore the relationship between humans and nature through time and space.
BELLA GAIA is “A stunning work of multimedia entertainment” (Phoenix New Times) with “haunting classical/world fusion music … creating a mesmerizing spectacle that should not be missed” (Jennifer Schwab, Huffington Post)

“Out of this World” (USA Today)
“Discover what it’s like to be an astronaut” (Washington Post)
“Awe-Inspiring” (Examiner)

“Ocean’s Blood” is composed and produced by Kenji Williams. Vocals and piano by Kristin Hoffmann. Tabla and percussion by Deep Singh. 21-string Koto by Yumi Kurosawa. Violin by Kenji Williams. Directed by Kenji Williams
Imagery by NASA SVS, SCISS, Remedy Arts, and Annie Crawley

Our oceans are struggling with plastic and over-fishing.
Please be a part of making a difference by supporting these organizations:
NRDC, Ocean Recovery Alliance, Oceana, Pew Environment Trust
Mission Blue, The Terramar Project

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