Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


To distinguish the uniqueness of my pen and mystical script in life’s double flips. Provocative uniqueness of one second to none the uniqueness on my sleeve to appease two eyes that appetize the disguise undercover living the wicked compromise.

My pen spills mystical ink smeared sediments of mirrored thoughts.
Reality of the spoken duality the functionality of the congeniality.

To speak to spoken to think the thought the reality of duality in my field of dreams the imagination comes alive and willing to thrive in which I must drive to survive.
Smeared sediments of mirroed thoughts, the marriage between dreams and reality its functionality. Provocative artist of an abstract lover the provocative abstract color unchained.
Distinct harmony by the provocative pose the color of a unique abstract rose. Times Symphony plays epiphanies in sediments of mirrored reflections in the fields of my dreams.

The power of two hands approaching every…

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