Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot: Humans’ staggering effect on Earth

Tuluwat Examiner


Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Our response to these idiotic comments on our “climate hawk” post click on the link a view the slide show.

“More Liberal nonsense.I often wonder why Liberals hate people and freedom so much, yet love oppressive Govt.
We are carbon based life forms, a tax on carbon is a tax on life itself.”

“If you believe humans are affecting the climate I’ve got a bridge to sell you. The past recent warming from the 1930’s up until 2017 was solely due to the activity of the sun. The CO2 increase in the atmosphere was solely due to the sun warming the world’s oceans and not the CO2 expended by humans burning fossil fuels.”

View slide show here:


Images of consumption are the theme of the book, “Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot.” It addresses environmental deterioration through subjects including materialism, consumption, pollution, fossil fuels and carbon…

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