Poets pain

Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Pain it’s a poet artistry time starts seasons pain, blame, grief or fame it’s only the art of pain a poet’s…

Spirits pains reasons ever start the poet begins with a start in a season of pain. 
Beautiful seasons of pain beautiful pain of poetic poetry reading poetry  In pain subsides change of seasons starts..
Mays Pain Summers afield of pain poetic of the poetry in pain becomes the seasons with reasons, poetic to pain, no reason to have any other pain for the poet it’s the beginnings of a seasonal greetings in pain… Beginning a pain philosophical of the poetry, philosophical poetry of pain by the poets in the seasons of the reasons, pain has every reason..

Pain has the seasons with the reasoning of a pain, reasonable 2 people in pain, love never a pain, just  seasons of reasons to feel pain for the poet the pain begins…

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