Sier Wicked Romancer's Persuasive Poetry


Time ever the time everytime timeless by the time. Two hands clicking the second of every time display two hands of time click clock it’s time Cuckoo by o’clock..
The time right by the timing the right away a time to be forever timeless..

Due time to be, time very modern times time card counting the time working past the second a time ago a future hear clicking that’s time to see it’s the time of now presents by the very second history by a time of very past a second ago..

Due time to heal all a time to heal, teller who marks a fortune when or if ever a time of good fortune never the time of misfortune..
The history of an error; the times of an era, were very timely, as past times, judgment time, discipline giving time to serve..
Timeless by a devotion of time futuristic…

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