The Haunted Castle.

Daniel Kemp


The Haunted Castle. Part Three.

Part One.

Part Two.

Dearest beloved, thoughtful, Tracey,

What an absolute joy and fountain of wisdom you are!

Who would have realised that the problem preventing your communications to me for so long would have led to such revelations. I refer of course to the iron filings, blown across Asia, that affected your emailing capabilities. Outer Mongolia sounds a very inhospitable place for my betrothed. I know that the Government has need of your broadcasting skills, but I do so worry. Take care, and wear a breathing apparatus to protect your lungs, at all times!

You were not to know that, ‘Iron’ is an old cockney rhyming slang abbreviation for…Roof! It comes from the use of ‘Iron Hoof.’ Its shortening was so others, probably the police, would not know of those devilish cockney’s intentions to steal lead from Church roofs. Although not a cockney myself…

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